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Graphic designer, Administrator

We are a family-run business with a mission to create fun, colourful and attractive pieces of artwork and product designs that would liven up any home or office.

We are always thinking of and looking for new and creative designs that we have not seen on the market before to offer our customers something just a little bit different and unique.

As well as featuring Diego’s original art, many of our products are hand-made by ourselves too. Diego’s latest venture is creating 3-dimensional art using polymer clay. This unusual concept makes it possible to add another dimension and realness to his creations. While Jitka’s recent endeavour is to design her own fabric using Diego’s characters, have them screen printed and make them into a range of textile products using her much-loved hand-crank Serata sewing machine.

Also, being parents of a young lively toddler, we are privileged to be a part of his pure happy world, rich with imagination and fantasy and see once again life through the eyes of an innocent child. This brings great inspiration for our work and we are pleased to see that the cheerfulness and optimism of our designs resonate with our customers too.

About Diego

Diego is a self-taught artist whose interest in drawing and painting started from an early age in Japan where he was born and grew up. He learned the concepts and techniques of drawing from books, dedicating his  time to years of daily practice and experimenting.

He has lived for several years on the Okinawa Island with its beautiful surrounding ocean and overwhelming expanse of nature, as well as in Tokyo, the world's most populous metropolis with its bustling atmosphere. Diego has always been an eager traveller and his travels proved to be a great source of inspiration for his artwork.

Diego went on to discover the freedom and thrill of the open road in Australia and in Europe and now lives with his family at the heart of the English West Country, in Bristol where he has  also exhibited some of his work.

Artist’s statement: ‘I enjoy creating art very much and hope that my work will entertain as well as please its viewer. When I paint, I tend to use bright, optimistic colours in the hope that my creations will convey the positive feelings that I experience when I produce them.’

In this spirit I paint still life, animals, landscapes, cityscapes, surrealism and whatever else I see that inspires me.’

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About Jitka

Jitka grew up in the Czech republic where she was born and studied accountancy and business management. That comes really handy now when we are running our own venture.

Nevertheless, Jitka has a creative role in our company, too. She is in charge of the digital aspects of our designs, using her skills and expertise she gained whilst working in publishing.

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Jitka loves to travel and cherishes every opportunity to hit the road, meet new interesting people and encounter new cultures.

She is also keen to get involved in various creative activities such as making cold-processed soap, baking her own sourdough bread and DSLR photography.

Her most recent project is designing her own range of fabrics and using her vintage hand-crank Serata sewing machine, making them into a variety of textile products.